Mix and Match Craze for Bridesmaids: Can Groomsmen Do It Too?

Posted by Azure on September 10th, 2012

Non-uniform bridesmaids are all the rage, but what about the guys? Can they get in on the mix and match trend too?

I've seen the good and bad sides of non-uniform groomsmen, and the bad side is pretty ugly... There has to be some element of uniformity, and if all your groom's guys just pick their favorite suit, the end result will be a confusing hodgepodge. To avoid this, make sure all the groomsmen are dressed primarily in the same color family (or in complementary colors). And then mix things up from there!

It's all about the accessories, with varying colors, styles, and patterns of bow ties, neckties and socks making for dapper mix and match groomsmen. And cool shoes (each pair with a different pop of color, like the Nike sneakers below) and unique boutonnieres work well, too. Don't be afraid to let your groom and his guys show their stylish sides, just make sure to keep it classy!

Check out some of our favorite mix and match groomsmen ideas below, then share your thoughts on this up-and-coming trend!

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