8 Ways to Wear Florals

Posted by Bride Chic on September 27th, 2013

Flowers worn on the head whether in a continuous circlet or a scattering of small silk roses is a trend that's moving like wildfire on all the wedding blogs and editorials.

Floral wreaths aren't new to complimenting bridal wear though. Queen Victoria wore a wreath of orange blossoms with a veil of Honiton lace back in the 19th Century when she wed Prince Albert. In the 1920's brides wore wreaths of florals with long flowing veils with shorter wedding dresses.

The craze we're seeing now for gorgeous floral wreaths may have to do with how beautifully this topping it all off accessory goes with Boho and 1920's-30's style designs. Below you'll find the many ways you can indulge and head it up in flower power on your wedding day...

The Real Deal

There's nothing that looks and smells prettier than a wreath of real flowers atop your blushing bride head. Fresh can be ordered through your florist possibly echoing some of those in your bouquet.

fall floral wedding hair wreath

aw photography | Eden Floral | via Pinterest

Dried Flowers

Some florists will also put these together for you but you can buy them ready made as well off sites like Etsy or in some specialty bridal shops.  Below is a mix of Baby's Breath and dried Roses.

Silk and Fabric Flowers

Did you know some silk florals in wreaths look just like fresh picked flowers out of the garden? Then there are the hand-rolled flowers made out of fabric like dupioni, organza or shantung, sometimes in the same fabric as your gown.  These have a real haute couture look and are usually attached to a barrette or spongy wire...

Half Is Sometimes Better Than Whole

For some the wreath of flowers can be a bit much even overpowering great hairstyling. This dried floral piece from Which Goose is half the size of most floral crowns and has an earthy feel that compliments simpler Boho styles.

Scattered Flowers

These small florals come on pins that an be dappled through long, flowing hair or updos. Tip- They really pop when the color you choose contrasts that of your hair. Very chic touch!

Bling Circlets

These bands of gold florals interspersed with jewels are simply stunning and perfect for brides going vintage 20's-30's or opting for a more opulent and less rustic look.

Clusters of Flowers

Real or silk, a cluster of flowers can be a magnificent touch especially if they pick up the accents of your bouquet like the image below.


And last of all, yes, real or silk florals an be attached to a headband if you want wear them to one side of your head or just for less of an effect.

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