Women who Proposed, Part VII, Arts and Crafts

by Marta
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In July 2009 we held an amazing contest. We gave away platinum wedding rings worth $4,500. To be entered in this contest, women had to tell us their stories of how THEY would (or did, or might) propose if they had been the ones to ask the question.

The winner was chosen randomly, but we received so many amazing entries we just had to find a way to share some of them with you. This is our last collection of proposal stories, so we get artsy, and a little crafty!

(some stories have been edited for space reasons)

1. I decided to craft my own little engagement surprise for my fiancé.
With my dad's help, I hand-crafted a wooden engagement ring!

The day after I flew home from my parents' house, I couldn’t wait to “pop the question” to my fiancé. I have to admit, I felt a little sheepish! I called his mom the night before, to “ask her permission”
to propose to him.

So in my un-rehearsed, un-coordinated way, I put the ring in my pocket as we walked to the post office in our cute town of Mesilla, NM. Under the wide starry skies, I asked him if he would marry me, and I gave him the ring I made with my dad. And he said yes, - he proudly wears it every day!

2. My boyfriend has a dirty, ripped-up childhood stuffed animal named Scruffy that he cherishes. When he was a child, he always had Scruffy at his side. The years haven't been kind to scruffy - lots of love and adventure has made his fluffy tail rip off of his cotton body. My Platinum Proposal would be to re-sew the stuffed animal's tail, gently wash him, and then attach a beautiful ring to the his collar. Scruffy has been hidden in a box for a year or so now. I’d bring him out of hiding and clean him all up, and then present him to my boyfriend. I'd tell him that I'll always love him as much as he loved Scruffy, and then ask him to marry me!

3. I would put together a scrapbook of pictures from our relationship. On each page, I would put one reason why I love him. At the end, I would have a page that has pictures of wedding-related scenes and objects and "Will you marry me?" in beautiful script. I would tell him just how much he means to me and ask him to spend the rest of his life with me!

4. I was never the shy one in our relationship. I popped the question to him while we were laying tile in our new home. Right there in the living room surrounded by blue granite tiles, tile cutter, adhesive, and all the mess that went with it. He seemed a bit stunned. Maybe it was the grout on my hands. Or maybe he thought he didn't hear me right. I don't know. I just knew that this man was a keeper. He never once got annoyed with me when I had no idea what I was doing, so I decided that if we could remodel a home together then we were fit for life. And was I ever right.

We will be renewing our vows (10 year anniversary) in front of all of our friends and family on a family cruise in 2010. And those bands would be perfect.

5. Savvy Scoop
Here we go
My proposal
To woo my beau

Will be a surprise
But not to me
'Cuz I'll pop the question
For all to see

We'll start with dinner
Romantic, of course
High atop Las Vegas
On a 160 foot horse

Enjoying the Sky Table
With 22 folks
Sky Chefs prepared
Real big artichokes!

Elegant dining over
We limo to the Luxor
Chriss Angel's on stage
My fave magical huckster

Chriss will call up my beau
To perform his next trick
He'll take Mark's personal item
And hide it real slick

Then out come some nuts
My beau cracks the first
And inside a wedding ring
My heart may just burst!

Then I'll come up on stage
To propose to my man
The crowd will go wild
Like a Savvy Scoop fan!

The sky will part
A dove slowly descends
Thank you God
As my single life ends!

7. I actually DID propose to my fiancé. One night we were getting ready for bed, and I realized that this was exactly what I wanted for the rest of my life. I asked him to marry me. He said yes, but he thought I was joking. I wasn’t.

I went and had a ring made from a local independent jeweler. I had it made with sterling silver with a small emerald (my birthstone). It looks banged up and industrial (he loves that), so I knew that he would wear it. We call it his “training ring.”

The REAL proposal came later that summer. It was the last year of the old Yankee Stadium, and for his 30th birthday I got tickets for us to go to the last Yankees/Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium. Before the game we went to Monument Park (we’d never been). While we were looking at the various plaques and monuments, I hugged him and told him how much I loved him and how I really wanted to marry him. I asked him to marry me (again). He said yes and kissed me; I was so excited! Then we went and watched the Yankees win.