Ask the Experts: Accent Colors

by Marta
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I am getting married next summer and my colors are black and ivory. I want to
keep things classy and I am having a hard time deciding on an accent color(s).
Originally I was using red, but that made things a little too Christmas-y for me. Then I chose yellow, coral and apple green but now I'm thinking that three accent colors are too many! HELP!

From Heidi of Three Graces Design
Black and ivory create a very sophisticated look, so you'll want to make certain your accent color creates an air of sophistication as well. For your accent color we would suggest a jewel tone, such as ruby, emerald, or amethyst, which would compliment your choice of ivory and black. If you are leaning towards a citrus palette for summer (yellow, coral, green apple), white would be a better choice to pair with those fresh, summery colors.

The season in which you are married does not have to dictate the colors that you use. Deeper hues can still be used for a summer wedding. With the wide variety of invitations, florals, dresses and other decorations available, you can accomplish the look you desire.

From Maura of DTABridal
One of the most stylish weddings I've attended in the past few years had the bride choosing black, white, and three different shades of green: forest green (dark), grass green (medium) and a lime green that wasn't fluorescent (light). Different items in the wedding had different shades. For example, all of the flowers were tied together with the grass green color. The pews in the church had lovely ribbons on them that were white, lime green, and grass green. The tables were covered in white tablecloths with a dark green topper. It really worked, and the themes from the church carried over to the reception.

I would recommend picking one of the colors you mentioned, but then picking three tones of that color - a light, a medium, and a dark. It's a great look!

From Arti of ZOYA Couture
You’ll soon see that your color palette affects so many different parts of the wedding! I would agree with your decision to eliminate red as you've indicated a more formal event, and also to eliminate the combination of yellow, coral, and apple green as it hints a fall harvest setting.

Since your wedding is in the summer, think about that time of year inspiring your color palette. You could add a light blue to symbolize the light summer breeze and a rich navy blue for a star-lit romantic evening reception. Or better yet, the Tiffany blue - always chic and classy!

Thanks to all our experts for their fabulous ideas!

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Arti Anand of ZOYA Couture
Arti Anand works with ZOYA Couture, a boutique design and print studio in Washington, D.C. that creates wedding invitations and marketing collateral. The company incorporates work of numerous in-house and freelance designers, offering clients fresh new designs, layouts, and materials.

Maura of DTA Bridal
Maura Foster is the owner of, the online home of her bridal hair accessory and veil business in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. Down The Aisle Bridal has been helping DC brides for 14 years and has recently grown to include their website.

Heidi of Three Graces Design
The co-owner of Three Graces Design, a custom-design invitation business in Oak Park, Illinois, Heidi has years of experience in design and event planning.