4 Fun (And Affordable) Wedding Cake Alternatives

Posted by The Broke-Ass Bride on April 2nd, 2012

If you haven't yet started pricing wedding cakes, SPOILER ALERT: they're expensive. REALLY expensive. Want fondant icing? Cha-ching! If you're scrambling to find ways to cut back on your wedding expenses, might we suggest some more humble, yet equally delicious wedding cake alternatives? These scrumptious solutions can be as simple, or as fancy as you want them to be! Source your baked goodies from the best bakery in town, or just hit up a Krispy Kreme drive-through. It's up to you!

Cake pops: Unlike donuts or cupcakes, cake pops are a delightful little treat that not everyone has had the pleasure of experiencing yet - so they'll seem incredibly novel to your guests!  I love that awesome wooden cake pop tower seen above - it's like a cake pop forest! You can source similar acrylic or metal stands online. 

Donuts: What could be more pleasing to the tummy than a big ol' pile of donuts? THREE whole tiers of big ol' piles of donuts! People don't realize how much they love donuts, until they're face-to-face with a donut in a non-breakfast-type situation. Then it's on. 

Donut Holes: These were my favorite childhood grocery store treat! Unlike cake pops, which come on a fancy stick (which somehow means you should savor it) donut holes really lend themselves to pigging out - so be sure to get plenty! 

Cupcakes: Ah, the tried and true cupcake. Cupcakes make grown men squeal with glee (I've seen it - it's always funny). They're the bakery trend that's always trendy - a simple, yet potentially decadent treat. 

Are you over wedding cakes, AND their ridiculous prices? What desserts are you serving up on your big day? 

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