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Posted by The Man Registry on July 26th, 2012

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Considering having a groom’s cake at your wedding? Go for it! Adding a groom’s cake to your reception or rehearsal dinner is a great way to add a personal touch to the day and incorporate the groom’s interests into your wedding.

Not to upstage the larger, main wedding cake, the groom’s cake is a secondary wedding dessert that typically focuses on an aspect of the groom’s life, such as his favorite sports team, beloved pet, occupation or hobby. (The groom’s cake can also serve as a special surprise gift from the bride to the groom.) For example, the groom’s cake could depict an avid fisherman’s favorite catch, a die-hard baseball fan’s home team’s mascot, or an auto aficionado’s favorite car. To see more unique ideas found on Pinterest, click here.

Of course, if the groom isn’t thrilled about a more traditional cake, almost any dessert can serve as a great alternative. Consider cupcakes, a tiered donut “cake”, cookies (such as an Oreo’s “cake”), Rice Krispie treat “cake”, chocolate fountain, or candy bar filled with the groom’s favorite picks.

Grooms should also feel free to experiment with themes and flavors with this dessert. While flavors may need to be toned down to appeal to a wider range of palates with the main wedding cake, the groom’s cake allows for more flexibility because it will serve as a secondary dessert on the big day. Want to serve bacon-infused cupcakes as your groom’s cake? Why not? Or if you want to wave your geek flag without giving up the traditional wedding cake, consider a groom’s cake depicting his favorite comic book character to keep it tasteful.

If you already have enough dessert choices for the reception, consider dishing out the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner instead to add an extra personal touch to this event instead.

Will your groom get his very own cake for your I Do's? What theme, hobby, or love will inspire his design? 

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