5 Tips to Help You Say Yes to the Perfect Wedding Dress

Posted by Azure on November 14th, 2012

Not everyone knows immediately if a dress is right for them. And choosing just one perfect wedding gown is no easy feat (especially if you look good in a few different styles). So to help you along the way, here are five priceless pieces of wisdom to keep in mind before you pull the trigger and buy your dress!

1. Check out the reactions of others when you leave the dressing room. One foolproof way to determine if a certain dress is "the one", is to leave the dressing room and see how others react. If you hear crickets, then it's probably best to go back to the drawing board! Time and again, if a wedding dress looks really great on a bride, you'll hear other brides saying "can I try that on?", and mothers requesting to see more styles by "whoever designed the dress that gal is wearing".

2. Does it play up your favorite assets, and have the style qualities you love? Once you're back home from dress shopping (or before you embark on your journey), head to your closet and try on your favorite fancy dress. Ask yourself what it is about this dress that makes you love the way you look in it... is it the waistline? The neckline? The way it accentuates your curves? Once you figure it out, remember these qualities and keep them top of mind the next time you hit the bridal boutiques.

3. Forget pre-conceived notions! Don't let an image of "what you always thought you'd like" or what a traditional bride should be, stop you from looking at something different. Just because you always thought you'd wear a strapless wedding dress, don't refuse to try on gowns with higher necklines, straps, etc.. You might have only imagined yourself in a slinky gown, but may find that something a little more voluminous might click. Don't look at EVERYTHING, but be willing to try on a variety of different silhouettes, necklines, and styles.

4. When you put it on, do you feel like YOU? It's always awesome to look glamorous, and to feel like a "princess" or like a "bride" in the wedding dress you try on. But make sure that it looks like YOU with that adjective, so that your awesome self isn't overshadowed by your gown.

5. Sleep on it. Don't succumb to pressure (from your mom, a pushy sales person, your MOH, etc.) to go with a particular dress. If you aren't 100% sure, get a full nights rest and re-think it. Sometimes your memory of how you felt wearing it goes a long way.

Has your hunt for the perfect wedding dress been a breeze, or are you struggling to decide which dress is the one? Share your experiences in the comments section below, or send us a #WW tweet to join the conversation!

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