5 Bridal Trends We Loved in 2011

Posted by Azure on October 22nd, 2011
  • Bridal fashion has seen so much change lately even us industry folk are in awe.  Each season brides  move further away from the stuff society expects and more into what defines that particular woman as a bride. The result is indie-designers, not necessarily big old 7th Avenue, offering up all the savvy wedding chic these days.  Indie-designers create all those one-off designs you can't find in the bridal shop. Thanks to the vision of The Totally Tuned-in, here are a few examples of some trends out here flourishing that we embraced in 2011...
  • TREND #1 UPCYCLED  Reusing bridal gowns from days past is chic. This dress is actually from the 1960s, overhauled and refurbished for today's bride. It has a sort of Grace Kelly appeal and speaks of certain tradition. Upcycling can also mean the reuse of rare and/or handed-down laces and fabrics. Customizing an already existing gown to suit your personality is another form of upcycling. It involves remodeling and/or embellishing one already put together. It can be store bought, sewn or inherited as long as it's fairly basic and free of mass adornment.


  • TREND #2  ECO-CHIC AND GREEN FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVES  Back in the 90's sustainable gowns were well on their way to becoming chic but no salon carried them. If you wanted Green fibers back then, your gown had to be custom designed. Fast forward to the 2000's and just about every designer line offers pieces or a capsule collection of fair trade and sustainable Green wedding dresses.


  • TREND #3 THE POUF  Oh La La! brides have gone crazy over the pouf.  Some are gladly ditching the veil for these cute little poufs of tulle, perfect for the bride going retro or ultra-chic.


Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride, photo by Shelah Osbrink

  • TREND #4  1950's DRESSES  From Rockabilly to Dior-inspired, today's brides are still in love with cinched waists atop yards and layers of skirts and crinolines.


  • TREND #5 LACE  Lace comes in many types: Alencon, Chantilly, Venice, Needlepoint, to name just a few. While lace has never has gone out of style, lately gowns are covered in it   From tea gown to ball gown silhouettes, the lace trend is on and all the vogue now.
  • Which trend do you love most?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!
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