She Said What?! Boutiques Behaving Badly

Posted by Azure on August 27th, 2012

Who could forget the famous scene in Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts walks into a fancy boutique on Rodeo Drive and is treated like dirt by an arrogant, hoity-toity employee? Not me!

And when shopping for a designer wedding dress that will cost thousands of dollars, brides (understandably) expect a certain level of customer service and personalized attention from the bridal shop employees. At the very least, they want to be treated with respect, and NOT like a second class citizen. Sadly, this isn't always how things go down... so read on to hear one bride's horrifying story.

My engaged GF was browsing a few of Chicago's top bridal salons in search of THE dress, and walked away with a bad taste in her mouth after visiting one very high-end designer's bridal boutique. I won't name any names (because I do love this designer), but here's the rest of the skinny (pun intended)...

Picture it— my friend is 5'4, weighs all of 100 pounds (if that), and is so tiny that even size zero dresses have to be tailored to fit. She has a drop dead gorgeous engagement ring rock, is as stylish as a model from NYC, and has the sweet personality of a southern belle. She found a beautiful gown she couldn't wait to try on, until the sales woman assisting her let this bomb drop...

"Well, this dress is a size two straight off the runway, so it's not gonna fit. I'll need another set of hands to hold it closed in back. Then at least you can get an idea of how it'd look in your size." Say WHAT?! Way to make the bride-to-be (who's willing to fork over $5000 for the perfect dress) feel like a whale! How low of a blow was that??

Needless to say, my petite friend easily slipped the wedding dress on, and they zipped her up with no problem. In fact, they needed clamps (ugly red plastic clamps, another disappointing aspect of the overall experience) to keep the designer dress from falling off. Clearly, my friend was plenty small to fit a size two, but the bridal shop employee made it her mission to rain on my bridey's parade.

What do you think? Would you ever give your business to a boutique that treated you like this? Any 'boutiques behaving badly' stories of your own to share with us?

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