7 Bridal Trends from Across the Pond

Posted by Bride Chic on May 25th, 2012

If Holly Golightly were to materialize out of the pages of fiction we might find this fashion icon hanging out at White Gallery London, a chic design event showcasing the best talents in the British bridal industry.

Holly would especially like the coat and dress ensembles, bouffant skirts, short skirts, mini skirts, angel sleeves, scarves and sunglasses; you'd swear we all were back in St. Tropez 1966 watching the action on this catwalk. Swinging sixties isn't the only hark back in time: The blouson waist is back and for me that's a ticket to get down and boogy to fashion greats from the disco era.

And have you noticed strapless bodices now have a barely there over-bodice of either tulle, organza or lace? Mimicking the best of 50's chic, I'd say these wedding gowns are perennial faves and here to stay awhile.

Take a look at all seven trending styles, then share your favorite trend in the comment section below. Or tweet OneWed to share your thoughts & get in on all the #FollowFriday fun! Alrighty let's delve in shall we?

Asymmetrical Neckline

The Blouson

The Transparent Bodice

Sixties Influence

Gold and Silver Lace

Dress and Coat Ensemble

2013 wedding dress trends vintage inspired bride dress coat pairings

Alan Hannah & Anoushka G at White Gallery London by Christopher Dadey


2013 wedding dress trends vintage inspired bride bridal pants

Stephanie Allin at White Gallery London by Christopher Dadey

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