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Amy Kuschel Bride

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan in 1989, Amy Kuschel spent 6 years working for other companies in the clothing design industry. During that time she planned for her wedding in 1996. She soon became frustrated when trying to find an elegant, modern looking gown for a reasonable price. In her opinion there was no "middle ground" wedding dress. Either she could spend a fortune on a fabulous gown or settle on a reasonable mediocre gown. She did not favor either idea, and decided to create her own.

Three years later in April of 1999 Amy Kuschel and her husband, William Brugger decided to form a partnership called Kuschel & Company and since have created reasonably priced gowns for millions of brides. Today, Amy Kuschel wedding dresses are providing that "middle ground."

Website: Amy Kuschel Bride

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