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Therez Fleetwood

Ethnic-American brides have long sought to add cultural touches to their wedding attire. It was Therez Fleetwood's desire to fill this neglected niche market that prompted her to create the Therez Fleetwood Bridal Collection, a unique line of wedding gowns that combine Ethnic fabrics and regional influences with European cuts and silhouettes.

Fleetwood fabrics include Nigerian Ashoke clothe and Guinea brocade from West Africa to create her wedding dresses. The dress details are inspired by west, sub-Saharan and northern African countries, as well as India and Caribbean. Fleetwood also enhances fabrics with hand beading or decorative trims sewn onto the dresses in detailed designs. A special trademark of hers is that each dress includes a matching headpiece with a detachable veil. There is no denying that Therez Fleetwood wedding dresses completely fill the void of ethnicity in wedding couture.

Website: Therez Fleetwood

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