3 Things To Consider Before You Start Dropping Hints About An Engagement Ring

Posted by The Broke-Ass Bride on February 6th, 2012
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Ladies, I have a burning question for you this week. When it comes to the ring you'll wear every day for the rest of your life, do you leave it all to chance, or do you just drag your man down to the jeweler's?

I LOVE surprises, so I was ok with letting my hubs pick out my engagement ring all by himself. But if you have EXTREMELY specific tastes in bling, the idea of leaving your ring selection up to some hapless DUDE might scare you to death. If you feel you must steer your man in the right direction, here are three major factors to consider before you start harping on about your "dream ring".

1. Be sure you're actually headed to the altar. Have you ever discussed the possibility of marriage? Good. Don't bring up the ring just yet. Pushing the issue too soon could be like leaving a giant bag of flaming poo on the doorstep of your relationship. Have you discussed the likelihood of it happening sometime in the immediate future? Even better, but proceed cautiously. Have you had the "we're totally getting married, it's just a matter of when and where" conversation? AWESOME. Go hog wild!

2. Be realistic about your man's budget.  Sure, the rule is 3 months salary, but leave the guy a little breathing room (or a lot). If you find a ring you love that falls well under budget, fabulous! If it's slightly over budget, that's probably ok too.  If you're already living together, you're probably  very aware of each other's financial situations. If you don't live together, assess your spending habits as a couple. Is your man conservative with money? Does he have a lot of debt? Remember, if this is something he'll likely throw on a credit card, there's a chance you might end up helping him pay for your own ring. And that's no fun.

3. Repeat after me: CARATS ARE NOT A BAROMETER OF LOVE! Be realistic ladies! Diamond rings are EXPENSIVE. Is it important that you even have a real diamond? Would you go for something like a Moissanite or your favorite gemstone instead? Because if that's the case, you can save him a ton of money. Before you go around insisting that you want a 3 carat halo pave diamond ring, make sure you actually know what that costs. And make sure you'd prefer to spend that kind of money on a ring, and not, you know, a downpayment on a house.

This has been another financial reality check, brought to you by The Broke-Ass Bride. You can thank us later. And so can he.

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