Is Wedding Season Now Engagement Season?

Posted by Azure on July 12th, 2012

Wedding industry insiders know that, historically, the year could be broken up into two distinct parts—engagement season (Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day, with the highest volume of engagements happening between NYE and V-Day), and wedding season (May through October).

And for wedding planning websites like OneWed, this has always translated into highly seasonal traffic, with 30-40% more unique visitors during engagement season than wedding season (because, when people are getting married, they are not searching for wedding shit online). But I've noticed a sudden shift this year, and am wondering who else is seeing it.

Every year when summer hits, my Facebook feed is inundated with posts like "OMG I'm getting married" and "Congrats to the beautiful bride". And of course, the infamous mobile upload wedding pics that guests just can't help but share. This summer is no different, except for one thing. The number of engagement announcements streaming through my feed rivals the number of wedding related updates I'm seeing on Facebook. And that 30-40% dip in traffic that we've come to expect? Not happening this year. In fact, we've seen continued growth this wedding season, which is a definite first. So I've got to ask...

Is it just me, or are there a whole lot of engagements going on this wedding season?

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