Edible Arrangements: Wedding Bouquets, Centerpieces & Bouts for the Groom

Posted by Azure on May 30th, 2012

I saw a tweet yesterday about edible bridal bouquets and thought to myself... damn, are brides really taking pre-wedding weight loss to such extremes that they are THAT hungry when the big day arrives?!? I mean, just picture a pristine blushing bride taking a big chomp out of her wedding blooms. Quite a visual, isn't it?

But in all seriousness, adding unique elements (not typically considered for wedding flower arrangements) is a great way to pull off the luxe look for less. Why? Because fruits (apples, berries, citrus, etc.), veggies (asparagus, mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes), herbs, and sugary sweet things are easier on the budget than fresh wedding flowers.

Here are some gorgeous ideas to get you started...

Now, we're not suggesting you (or your guests) actually eat these arrangements! But we do think they're pretty enough to make you consider it for a second!

What do you think? Do these unique centerpieces, bouts & bouquets blow you away?

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