Weddings Inspired by Art

Posted by Azure on April 9th, 2012
painting inspiration

Wedding color palette inspired by art

Have you ever seen a painting so gorgeous you wish it could be translated into a wearable piece of art? I know I have! And the oil painting featured above captured my heart!

Since popular wedding color palettes get played out after a few years of domination (think Tiffany Blue + Chocolate Brown), I'm always on the hunt for unique color pairings and unexpectedly gorgeous (and wedding-worthy) palettes. After all, your wedding should be one-of-a-kind, just like you!

Today's color inspiration features shades of green, hot pink, yellow, and periwinkle. And I think it's one killer combination, especially for Spring and Summer I Do's! But we want to hear from you!

Like or Love this art-inspired palette?

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