Priceless Expert Advice: Wedding Hair + Makeup

Posted by Azure on October 18th, 2011

The expert scoop on wedding day makeup and hair extensions!

Episode one of Bridal Wave focused on the ever important topic of bridal hair and makeup, and we called on some incredible experts to help our bride-to-be. Sara was a natural brunette beauty with sparkling blue eyes and perfect skin. She was concerned about keeping her wedding makeup looking great all day long, and debating whether or not to take the plunge with hair extensions.  If you share similar concerns, read on to get advice and tips from top-notch hair & makeup experts!

Priceless bridal makeup tips from expert Laura Black

• Airbrush foundation is a must: airbrush foundation lasts all day, so you'll stay looking gorgeous from the pre-ceremony photos to the final dance at your reception. It gives skin a clean even finish, and is a must for your walk down the white aisle.

• Emphasize your best feature: if you have knockout eyes like Sara, ask your makeup artist to play up your peepers. If your cheekbones are enviable, spotlight this with a complimentary hue. Think about your most captivating feature (and ask your hubby-to-be and bridesmaids, too), the showcase it for your big I Do's.

• False lashes, single flair: in the words of our expert Laura Black, false lashes are the 'best weapon' in her bridal beauty arsenal. It's really incredible what a few single false lashes can do to enhance your eyes. Just make sure a professional (or sidekick with experience and a steady hand) applies your wedding day falsies. A single touch up tip You need three things and three things only in your bridal purse to ensure a flawless face all day long. What three items are your bridal beauty essentials? Blush, lipstick and blotting papers.

Wisdom on hair extensions from celebrity stylist Sheila Ray Stone

• The power of extensions: hair extensions add body, length and help to support any wedding hairstyle throughout the day. Meaning, whether you have thick or thin hair, super long or shoulder-length hair, professional extensions will keep your bridal hair looking picture perfect. Extensions are especially helpful if you're planning an outdoor wedding, or wedding on the coast, and for Windy City brides.

• Texture trumps color: I was surprised to learn that matching the texture of the extensions to the texture of the bride's hair is actually much more crucial than a perfect color match.

• Go custom: Find an expert who can custom-make hair extensions for your wedding day. A true professional will be able to perfectly match your extensions to your natural hair. While this service will cost you, it's definitely worth the splurge.

So If you're planning on wearing hair extensions, or have a bridal hair or makeup tip of your own to share, post a comment below to share your thoughts.  And check out episode one of Bridal Wave below and let us know what you think!

Stay beautiful, lovely brides!


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