And the bride drank Dr. Pepper

Apr 20th 2009 | 11:07am
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The following wedding planning has been brought to you by Dr. Pepper and Snapple.

Sound a bit odd to your ears? They may not have originally intended to do so, but Kelly Gray and Karl Gau of Virginia Beach, Virginia may have started a new trend when they tied the knot on Sunday with a little help from a major soft drink company.

It all began when Gray realized she and her fiance, on a combined income of $32,000, would struggle to pay for their $7,000 nuptials.

So, to help raise funds, she offered a bridesmaid spot to the highest bidder on eBay - but instead of an individual, a representative of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group won the auction.

Not only did the soft drink company give $10,000 and a full supply of reception beverages to the couple, but the subsequent media attention inspired other wedding vendors to donate flowers, wedding photography, attire and other items, the Dallas News reports.

In the end, Dr. Pepper did not even make use of Gray's original offer to place a stranger in her wedding party.

"We talked to Kelly and the focus became making the wedding of her dreams, not filling the wedding party spot with someone she doesn't know," Christine Danuser, a company spokeswoman, told the Dallas News.

  • 1. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • Nice idea,however, DR.Pepper could of used that money to help sick/homeless people. Children in need of lucnches at school and supplies. What are these 2 gonna do when they have a child and cant afford it? Go on Ebay ? Ebay cant solve all issues.

    They should of taken a part time job ontop of their other jobs, and where are the parents??

  • 2. Pink Orchid Invitations (not verified) said:
  • That's awesome and a nice gesture. Great idea for both the bride and groom and a boost for the companies PR.

  • 3. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • I sort of agree with the first poster, only instead of taking on a part-time job, the two should have planed a wedding they can afford. There are a lot of non-profits that could use those donations!

  • 4. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • Too much emphasis is placed on the wedding, and too little on the marriage. I hope Kelly and Karl's marriage stands the test of time.

  • 5. mertful said:
  • I don't agree with the comment above...It takes lots of planning any how for a wedding and the marriage is after the wedding right?

    Having someone sponsor a wedding takes a lot of stress off of the bride and whoever would have to help with organizing the wedding affair trust me..

    I, the mother of a bride to be, am going through SO much stress right now as she is too, trying hard to plan on a budget the wedding.

    I am praying that God will help us with the wedding we can all afford.

    Maybe it does seem like so much focus is on the planning but I feel in my opinion having Dr Pepper and everyone else who donated everything for the wedding is a time saver!

    WE are seeking sponsors ourself in case anyone here knows of any?


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