Destination wedding - in a birthing room?

Mar 3rd 2010 | 11:40am
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Most brides need months (and sometimes years!) to coordinate their wedding planning. But one Ohio woman only had about an hour to plan her walk down the aisle before, ahem, there were more pressing issues to attend to.

baby hands
Photo: Woman has her dream destination wedding - in hospital

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Erin Heather was nine months pregnant when she decided to make it official with her hubby-to-be Mark Weber. Surprisingly, the bun in the oven couldn't wait for the pair to exchange wedding rings, and Heather went into labor a little early.

Instead of rushing to the delivery room, the couple - who have been together for 11 years - stopped at City Hall to pick up their marriage license. Afterwards, they turned their birthing suite into a makeshift chapel and officially tied the knot.

The newly-married duo wanted to make it legal so quickly because their parents are "old-fashioned," according to the newspaper.

Their daughter, Ava Star Weber, was born soon after they pledged their vows. "Mom, Dad and baby Ava are doing well and resting," Steve Van Dinter, a hospital spokesman, told the news source.

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