Destination weddings - the debate continues

Apr 30th 2010 | 12:27pm
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Many couples dream of exchanging wedding vows by the roaring ocean, surrounded by white doves and feeling the warm white sand between their toes.

Vietnam sunset
Photo: What's better than a wedding by the beach?

If you live in a place such as central Michigan, that's probably not going to happen.

The solution for landlocked brides-to-be is obvious - have a destination wedding! But, we know that choosing to exchange wedding rings in a far-off locale can be fraught with problems.

According to, many wedding guests get pretty grumpy when they receive a destination wedding invitation in the mail.

"Some people just don't travel ... [and] sometimes I just really think it's the fear of the unknown," Nancy Barkley owner of Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways, told the new source. "You're doing a wedding in Costa Rica, and you might be inviting an aunt who lives somewhere in the midwest and who has never been on a plane before."

Barkley advises couples to take a few extra steps to make sure all wedding invitees are happy. Brides and grooms should confirm with must-have guests, and tell people a gift isn't necessary.

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