Chelsea Clinton's wedding good for economy

Aug 9th 2010 | 11:52am
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Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky slipped wedding rings on their fingers just a few weeks ago, but it appears as though their nuptials are already doing wonderful things for the economy.

Chelsea Clinton
Photo: Chelsea Clinton's wedding has inspired many brides!

According to the New York Times, scores of brides are rushing to wedding planners and requesting to have an affair that emulates that of the former first daughter.

In fact, Chelsea's plain white aisle runner, which many believe was simple and beautiful, is currently a hot-ticket-item.

"It was sleek and clean, and I've had clients tell me, 'I don't want anything on my aisle, like Chelsea Clinton,'" JoAnn Gregoli, an owner of Elegant Occasions in New York, told the news outlet. "Brides are looking at that and seeing that less is more."

Also, Bill and Hillary's only child, a lifelong vegan, decided to serve guests a gluten-free cake. Caterer and event planner Andrea Correale told the news source that she's getting requests from brides for other gluten-free menu options.

Chelsea's affair looked gorgeous, so we're not surprised it's inspiring women everywhere. And, it looks like she's receiving the highest form of flattery for her wedding dress - imitations are being churned out as we speak!

  • 1. (not verified) said:
  • Wedding of Chlsea Clinton with Marc Mezvinsky

    Saturday, July 31, 2010

    Congratulation Chelsea & Marc – With lot of blessings for an eternal happy life! From Our Master.

    Chelsea, you are a wonderful lady who decided to stop eating poor defenseless animals when you were 11 years old. That shows your inner beauty and kindness from past life karma. You make sure that Mark and your children follow your path of kindness and love towards helpless souls rather cutting animals slowly bleed to death or otherwise and eat them too. In fact you can show the light to the world, if you one day decide to do so. You got those qualities. This quality of yours is the reason for bringing the true world peace. Here were spoken great words of wisdom over 2,500 years ago by great Master Pythagoras: “The strict law of karma deals measure for measure with anyone who violates the laws of nature. As long as the people of this world continue to murder and eat their two most benign friends, the cow and the bull, they will perpetually suffer the sinful reactions of criminal violence and catastrophic wars.” Pythagoras further stated: “Those who kill animals for food will be more prone than vegetarian to torture and kill their fellow men.” Leo Count Tolstoy: “How can you expect peace when your stomachs are the living graves of the murdered defenseless animals?”

    British Poet William Wordsworth writes in his famous poet ‘Intimations of Immorality’: “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting.” And in another poem, he addressed the following lines to an infant:

    “Oh, sweet new-comer to the changeful earth,
    If, as some darkling seers have boldly guessed,
    Thou hadst a being and a human birth,
    And wert erewhile by human parents blessed,
    Long, long before thy present mother pressed
    Thee, helpless stranger, to her fostering breast.”

    Bhagwan Sri Krishn bless you and Marc

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