Snooki wants a wedding ring on her finger - stat

Oct 6th 2010 | 6:01am
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All the juicehead gorillas out there listen up! Snookie, the diminutive, smack-talking cast member of the Jersey Shore, is seriously looking for a man.

The teeny-tiny Garden State resident recently spoke with Extra TV and admitted she's hoping it isn't long before an engagement ring is placed on her finger.

"I wanna be married by 26, 27... get pregnant right away and have like, you know, four Guido-Guidette babies," she told the news outlet.

snooki wants a man
Photo: Snooki wants a man.

Snooki (nee Nicole Polizzi), 22, may soon get her wish. According to recent reports, the pickle-adoring pipsqueak will be strutting her hair poof on a brand new dating show, to be aired on MTV in the future.

And while home audiences wait with baited breath to see the show, men who are considering applying may want to take into account her relationship requirements.

"My ultimate guy would be hysterical, funny, makes me laugh, very family oriented, obviously tanned," she told the news source. "He has to have muscles and just know how to have a good time." 

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