Kate Middleton's wedding dress - more details emerge

Dec 23rd 2010 | 6:54am
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It's safe to say that from now until April 29, 2011, the world will be champing at the bit for any news about the royal wedding. Well, it looks as though there's new info floating around about a very important detail - Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

According to the Huffington Post, rumors about Bruce Oldfield being the lucky chosen designer to outfit Kate on her special day may not carry any weight.

"There's indication that Catherine has gone for a young, 'little-known' British designer," the news source reports. "When the name is officially announced, it will come as a surprise to many, and catapult the designer to worldwide fame."

The news provider goes on to explain that details relating to Middleton's wedding dress are so highly guarded that the piece is being stitched together in the palace to prevent any leaks.

No matter who Middleton chooses, we're sure her gown will look much different from that of the last notable royal to get married - Princess Diana. The late icon exchanged wedding vows with Charles in 1981 in a gorgeous creation that featured signature ideals from the decade.

the world is waiting to see kate middleton s wedding dress
Photo: The world is waiting to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress.
  • 1. Debra Hansen (not verified) said:
  • Having been in the wedding industry for 40 years, it is always exciting to see what a Royal will choose for her wedding dress, I can't wait to see it! lasvegasbridalshow

  • 2. anonymous (not verified) said:
  • I love weddings isn't her weddings going to be bad though

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