New wedding dress designer to debut on Valentine's Day

Jan 28th 2011 | 6:48am
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Ladies who love to shop at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People are in for a treat - the company behind the unforgettable attire is about to introduce their debut wedding dress collection.

a new wedding dress line will be unveiled february 14th
Photo: A new wedding dress line will be unveiled February 14th!

The gowns are all part of BHDLN, a new brand that aims to speak to a very specific woman.

"We know our customer, and we know she's looking for a brand that reflects her unique perspective," said managing director Kristin Norris. "She may have interests common to her friends, but she's looking to create a moment that's all her own… it's not so much about our point of view as it is about capturing hers."

While the dresses from the collection won't be available until Valentine's Day, the website gives brides-to-be a peek at what might be in store. A few photographs of extremely feminine gowns with soft, flowy fabric are now available for viewing.

According to the news outlet, the gorgeous creations will run anywhere between $1,000 to $4,000. Women looking for affordable-but-unique dresses for their super-special days should mark be sure to mark February 14th on their calendars!

  • 1. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • Perfect timing for my wedding! ;) I can't wait!

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