Kim Kardashian: Not Engaged but Planning her Dream Wedding

Apr 13th 2011 | 1:25pm
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Kim Kardashian is a woman who knows what she wants. The reality star has been dating NBA hottie Kris Humphries, and while he hasn’t put a ring on it… she’s already wedding planning!

Kim has dreamed about her wedding dress since she was a little girl, and envisions a strapless white gown that fuses classic with sexy. She wants to feel like a princess, so a dramatic ball gown with a curve-hugging corset bodice seems like an obvious choice. The Kardashian clan will be in tow when Kim tries on bridal gowns, and a trip to Paris for a couture Chanel dress is already in the works.

The curvaceous starlet knows what type of bling she wants, too! Kim hopes to receive a huge diamond engagement ring custom-designed by Lorraine Schwartz, a cushion-cut stunner inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s famous cushion-cut Krupp diamond.

Since Kim is planning the wedding before the engagement proposal, it’s only natural that she’s block shopping in NYC so she can move closer to her beau. What do you think of Kim’s unconventional approach? Do you think her and Kris will make it down the aisle? Share your thoughts!

  • 1. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • kinda desperate

  • 2. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • Kim K will do anything for attention...

  • 3. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • I am happy for her. I glad that she is trying to settle down

  • 4. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • I think its kind of creepy!!!

  • 5. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • hell no

  • 6. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • Stupid.....Enough said

  • 7. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • typical, shes going to scare him away. no one wants to marry you!

  • 8. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • She's into wishful thinking....get real !

  • 9. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • I feel that she will have children and get married, but its obvious that many people don't like her. I don't see her marrying Kris Humphries because he doesn't have the look she really likes but its not my life its hers. I feel that her husband will be dark and handsome because that is what she truly loves a dark skinned brother.

  • 10. Anonymous (not verified) said:
    You may have missed an invitation to the upcoming Kim Kardashian wedding

  • 11. Anonymous (not verified) said:
  • Sadly, it won't last. Meddling mom, Kris will see to it.

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