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Oct 19th 2010 | 2:28am
the couple is going on their first honeymoon after renewing their vows
Exchanging wedding vows the first time is a memorable moment, but renewing them can invigorate a relationship after several years of marital bliss. Edie and Jim Usher proved this last week when they returned to the church where they wed 50 years ago to renew their commitment to each other.The Express and Star reports that the Ushers first walked down the aisle on Oct. 15, 1960, but... (more)
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Sep 17th 2010 | 11:45am
Necklace - beads
Every bride can be sure of one thing - wedding planning is not easy. It goes without saying that no woman coordinating a walk down the aisle can do it on their own.Now, has announced a promotion that is bound to make brides - and their loved ones - extremely happy. Gems Among Us, a contest that will be running through October 25, offers engaged couples the chance to... (more)
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Apr 30th 2010 | 12:27pm
Vietnam sunset
Many couples dream of exchanging wedding vows by the roaring ocean, surrounded by white doves and feeling the warm white sand between their toes.If you live in a place such as central Michigan, that's probably not going to happen.The solution for landlocked brides-to-be is obvious - have a destination wedding! But, we know that choosing to exchange wedding rings in a far-off locale... (more)
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Apr 19th 2010 | 12:09pm
The volcanic ash that's hovering over Europe at the moment has put a damper on more than just air travel. In fact, it's posed quite the problem for one couple's wedding vows.According to the Courier Mail, Sean Murtagh, 24, and Natalie Mead, 30, were married in Brisbane, Australia, three weeks ago. However, the newlyweds scheduled a second ceremony in the UK so close friends and... (more)
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Mar 29th 2010 | 11:53am
Island 200x200
Are you engaged? Can't decide on a honeymoon locale? Have we got the job for you.A new promotion is offering one lucky couple a chance to travel around the world for half a year and blog about their experiences. The assignment is aimed at finding the most romantic honeymoon spots on reports that some hopeful jetsetters could win the opportunity to gallivant across the... (more)
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Mar 23rd 2010 | 10:48am
Gisele Bundchen
You know what they say about twin sisters - they do everything together!A little over a year after Gisele Bundchen and superhot quarterback husband Tom Brady pledged their wedding vows to one another, Bundchen's twin sister, Patricia, will also be taking the plunge.The fraternal twin of Gisele - who is also her manager - will be marrying her love in Brazil this weekend. Mrs Tom Brady... (more)
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Mar 3rd 2010 | 11:40am
baby hands
Most brides need months (and sometimes years!) to coordinate their wedding planning. But one Ohio woman only had about an hour to plan her walk down the aisle before, ahem, there were more pressing issues to attend to.According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Erin Heather was nine months pregnant when she decided to make it official with her hubby-to-be Mark Weber. Surprisingly, the... (more)
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Dec 24th 2009 | 2:28pm
Just married couple kissing blue photograph
Many a bride has spent months planning out the details of her fairy-tale wedding. On the morning of the big day, everything from the meal served at the reception to the wedding flowers waiting to be carried down the aisle should be perfectly in place. Unfortunately for Stephanie Sudzina, the winter storm that raged over the East Coast last weekend threatened to ruin the perfect day... (more)
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Dec 23rd 2009 | 1:07pm
ExCel Airways plane on takeoff
Some business people claim that their life is spent in an airport. But that's not always a bad thing. Toledo natives Robyn Moore and William Acosta met in Texas while Acosta was traveling for business. The travel spot holds some very fond memories for the pair, and now they can add their wedding to the list of meaningful moments they've shared at the gate. Moore told (more)
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Dec 22nd 2009 | 1:39pm
Kevin Jonas
Though the couple enjoyed a wintry wedding earlier this week, there was no snow in sight as Kevin Jonas and his new bride, Danielle Deleasa, lounged poolside at a luxurious Mexican resort in Cabo San Lucas. It seems that the eldest Jonas brother is still getting used to his wedding band. Guests at the resort claimed that Jonas had not stopped playing with, staring at and adjusting... (more)
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