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Mar 1st 2011 | 4:44am
what should you wear for a second wedding
Being engaged for the second time is often less stressful than the first. While most women go all out with their wedding planning for their initial walk down the aisle, many choose to take it easy when saying "I do," part two. According to, ladies can feel free to think outside the box when it comes to their gowns. "When choosing a gown for a second wedding,... (more)
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Feb 28th 2011 | 10:08am
make sure your groom looks perfect
Most ladies spend months - and sometimes years! - preparing for their own wedding day look. From picking out the perfect gown to testing out dozens of hairstyles, it seems as though a bride-to-be's work is never done. According to, ladies shouldn't forget about another important facet of the big day - helping their hubby-to-be look just as dazzling. The truth is... (more)
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Jan 28th 2011 | 6:48am
a new wedding dress line will be unveiled february 14th
Ladies who love to shop at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People are in for a treat - the company behind the unforgettable attire is about to introduce their debut wedding dress collection.The gowns are all part of BHDLN, a new brand that aims to speak to a very specific woman."We know our customer, and we know she's looking for a brand that reflects her unique... (more)
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Oct 19th 2010 | 2:31am
the ring was found in a parking lot
A wedding ring is a piece of bling that a woman looks forward to flaunting for the rest of her life. When it goes missing, it can be devastating for not only the bride, but the groom who spent the cash on it.On Oct. 11, a Washington woman reported her wedding ring missing to the local authorities, according to the Sky Valley Chronicle. Just three days later, the distraught bride... (more)
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Oct 15th 2010 | 3:44am
the wedding dress has yet to be claimed
A wedding dress is one of the more costly aspects of planning a big day, but for one Nebraska bride-to-be, her gown was evidently expendable.This week, Crete authorities announced that they had found a wedding dress at the intersection of Fifth and Linden Street. According to the Journal Star, no one has claimed the gown, which was originally discovered by a passing motorist."I've... (more)
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Oct 15th 2010 | 3:43am
the bride to be found her stolen gown online
Many brides spend countless hours searching for the perfect wedding dress. So when Alena Gadke's gown went missing, she didn't sit idly and let it ruin her big day.The wedding dress was stolen from the Wisconsin woman at the storage facility where it was being held, according to WEAU-13. The theft was just one of many burglaries that had recently occurred in the Chippewa Falls area.... (more)
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Oct 14th 2010 | 3:46am
losing a wedding ring can be heartbreaking
When a wedding ring goes missing, it can be a devastating loss. However, one Montana woman who thought her ring was gone forever recently received a surprise when her grandson found it in her own backyard.Norma Welker originally took her wedding ring off while tending to her garden eight years ago, according to the Associated Press. A phone call interrupted Welker while she was... (more)
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Sep 30th 2010 | 5:45am
brides can help their guests look fabulous for less
Women who are about to get hitched often dream about showing off a designer dress for their big day. Good news - that fantasy is about to become a reality.Thanks to, who has partnered with Rent the Runway, an online store that allows women to rent designer dresses and gowns, brides and their wedding guests are about to look extra-fabulous."We are so excited to partner with... (more)
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Sep 22nd 2010 | 5:50am
oprah gave away 50 vera wang wedding dresses
Oprah Winfrey has done it again. While the famous daytime talk show host has been known to gift her audience with everything from goodie bags to new cars, the woman just presented 50 engaged women with their very own Vera Wang wedding dresses!According to, the beloved billionaire interviewed wedding dress designer god Vera Wang on the September 17 episode of her show.... (more)
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Aug 13th 2010 | 11:18am
Vivien Leigh
It goes without saying that women around the globe are crazy for the iconic film Gone with the Wind. Aside from its incredibly romantic tale of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, the wedding dressin the movie is to die for.Unfortunately, this gorgeous gown may be in peril. According to BBC News, The Harry Ransom Center in Texas is trying to raise $30,000 to restore the dress, as well... (more)
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