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Mar 3rd 2011 | 9:12am
get your wedding dress at costco
It looks as though now you'll be able to rely on Costco for more than just cheap toilet paper and bulk potato chips - the warehouse club chain store is now selling wedding dresses! According to, designer Kristie Kelly is now offering her Signature collection at retail locations, available for brides-to-be ranging in sizes 2 to 24. Aside from having a range of choices at... (more)
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Mar 1st 2011 | 4:48am
watch out for certain wedding trends this year
For women getting married in 2011, these next few months may be full of planning and plotting in order to make sure your marital shindig is one to remember. Good news - some experts in the field have taken note of some of the most important trends to watch. According to, couples are continually thinking outside the box when it comes to their receptions. "Firework... (more)
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Feb 28th 2011 | 10:11am
should you skip on the cocktail hour
Scores of women planning a wedding are continually aware of one important thing - their budget. Although most of us would prefer to have millions of dollars at our disposal, the truth is that the majority of brides-to-be have to stick with a specific allotment of cash. It turns out that a wedding expert from had a pretty handy pointer for aisle-bound sweethearts looking... (more)
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Feb 22nd 2011 | 7:05am
a couple found an old photo of themselves
A couple from the United Kingdom who have been married for more than two decades recently discovered a photo of themselves as children - 14 years before they ever met!According to the Daily Mail, Mandy Knaggs and her husband, Ray, were both 4-years-old at the time that the image was snapped. The photo, which was taken at an amusement park, shows the two on a kiddie ride, although in... (more)
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Feb 21st 2011 | 7:03am
a couple got married during a marathon
It appears as though one couple made a mad dash for the altar - according to Fox Sports, two runners exchanged vows during a marathon!The news source reports that Amanda Kirschner, 28, and David Guzman, 30, became man and wife at the 22.5 mile mark at the LiveStrong Austin Marathon. The ceremony was officiated by judge Jon Wisser, a longtime runner."The bride wore a white running... (more)
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Feb 21st 2011 | 7:01am
a number of couples recently celebrated 50 years of marriage
Being married for more than five decades is certainly something that deserves to be celebrated, and that's exactly what a number of senior citizens in Colorado did. According to The Coloradoan, 41 long-term lovebirds danced the night away at the Fort Collins Senior Center for the 25th annual Moonlight and Rose shindig, where they were honored for their serious commitment to holy... (more)
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Feb 17th 2011 | 7:00am
make sure you rehearse
Most brides become so overwhelmed with wedding planning that they often forget about one important facet of their marital affair - the rehearsal dinner. This lead-in to the big shindig provides a chance for both sides of the family to meet and greet one another and offer their well-wishes to the bride and groom.Luckily, had some tips on how to coordinate a rehearsal... (more)
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Feb 15th 2011 | 7:05am
a couple got hitched on a train
Some couples get married in conventional ways - a church or beach may be some of the most ideal locations for traditional brides. Still, every once in a while a gal envisions exchanging vows at quite a unique locale.Such is the case for Krisy Plourde, who said "I do" with her fiancé Tom Golden on a special "love train" that stopped all around Philadelphia. The locomotive was... (more)
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Feb 10th 2011 | 7:19am
where should a bride get ready
Women often have a lot of decisions to make during their wedding planning, and that of course pertains to all of the hullaballoo on the big day. One of the biggest conundrums a bride has is where to get ready before she struts herself down the aisle.According to, ladies should take this into consideration well before the event is here. Luckily, the news source pointed out... (more)
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Jan 11th 2011 | 6:47am
a flash mob wedding took place at boston s prudential mall
Scores of shoppers at one of Boston's biggest malls were treated to quite the surprise, WHDH News reports.According to the news source, Jon and Caroline Kleiman decided to exchange wedding vows in an extremely interesting way - a flash mob marital shindig."We live off the beaten path a little bit," he told the news outlet. "I think we wanted to reflect that in the way we celebrated... (more)
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