Friday, February 24th, 2012 by Faye

Fake It Till You Make It! Bridal Beauty

Alas, we are not all blessed with Rapunzel locks, come hither eyelashes, and perfect nails. But luckily, for us “normal” gals out there, the universe has created various ways to fake the perfect look. While we encourage every lady to love what she has, we know there are times (like your wedding, for example) you want to look extra special and these temporary and non- surgical enhancements might be the answer!

Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are one way to add volume, length, or a dash of color to your existing style. They can be lifesavers for women with thinning hair, alopecia, or female baldness. There are a few different types, but each style of hair extension is made of real human hair, horsehair, or synthetic hair. For those who style with heat (curling iron, blow dryers, flat irons), synthetic hair often will not hold up and might not be the best option. If done by a professional, extensions can be made to mimic your hair’s curl, wave, or straightness.

As the name implies clip-ins are hairpieces that clip into your hair, either to add length and/or volume, or to enhance a bridal updo. You can find pony and bun style pieces to add fullness to your wedding hairstyle, and if you have a low pain tolerance and little patience for primping, gentle and simple clip-ins are great for adding a little extra oomph!

Bonding and Sealing Extensions
These extensions are not for the commitment phobic as they can last up to four months! Bonded extensions can be dyed or bleached to match your natural hair color and are made of human hair, horsehair, or synthetic hair. Each individual extension is attached to a small section of your hair. The sections are then painted with a bonding agent and pressed with a heating tool to seal the extension around the natural hair section.  Bonded extension must be carefully cared for and washed with gentle shampoo, and your stylist should not apply extensions in or around the temple area, close to your natural part line, or along the nape of your neck.

Weaves or wefts are large sections of hair sewn in to add length or thickness to your existing hairstyle.  Your hair stylist should take careful note of your natural part and hairline, since weaves and wefts are applied using tiny cornrow braids. Your stylist will make a small braid along your scalp to create the track, and sew the hairpiece onto the track using a needle and thread. Each hairpiece can be dyed or bleached to match your desired color.

The most recent and fun addition to the hair extension family is the feather!  These extensions come in a variety of natural and dyed colors and are made of real or faux feathers.  Many women choose to add just a few to spice up their everyday look, but we think feather extensions are perfect for the wedding day! Just remember—feathers can be washed and styled like normal hair, but are sensitive to heat styling.

Most girls know that a good set of false eyelashes can add serious glamour to a fun night out on the town.  But did you know there are more permanent options out there too?

Semi-permanent falsies can last two to three weeks and add length to natural lashes. A single strand is cut to your desired length, and glued to your natural lashes to mimic the curve your lash line.  You may require a touch up here and there for lost lashes, but they should be strong enough to last through exercise and swimming. Most salons recommend that you do not use eyelash curlers, waterproof mascara, or oil-based eye makeup products or removers.

This treatment is not FDA regulated so make sure you go to a clean, reputable salon where the stylists are experienced.

Whether you bite them, they split, or you just simply can’t grow the long nails you desire, fake nails are an easy fix. Acrylic nails are probably most popular, but you should also consider fiberglass nails and silk wrapped nails.  Regardless of the type you choose, the process is the same—nail tips are glued to your natural nails and filled in with an acrylic solution to create a thick, chip resistant mani!

As with your natural nails, fake nails can be painted nearly any color, decorated with nail art, and filed to your desired length.