Thursday, October 13th, 2011 by Courtney

List of Registry Essentials for Today’s Couples

Making your registry list can be a fun and exciting thing to do, and often it’s one of the few things that your fiancé will get excited to help out with!  There are tons of articles and sites out there about “Registry Must-Haves,” and they’re all good suggestions; we’re going to include a few of those standard and regularly registered for items, but we’re going to make you think outside the list a bit as well.

The purpose of the registry has always been to let your guests know the preferred styles and patterns of items necessary for you and your groom to build your home together.  These lists are often primarily filled with kitchenware and items for the bed and bath.  Many of today’s modern couples are already living together and don’t necessarily need a new toaster or shower curtain.  If some of these common items are getting old or weren’t very good quality to begin with, now’s the perfect time to upgrade!

But your life doesn’t revolve around the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, which is why we encourage you to look further.  Below are lists and tips for three major components of your registry; stuff for the home, stuff for your hobbies and interests, and stuff that’s more individual-focused.

  •  Stand Mixer: go for a quality one that you can use for years to come
  •  Food Processor: you’ll be amazed at how many things these puppies can do
  •  Espresso or Coffee Maker: assuming you drink coffee
  •  A Quality Chef’s Knife: and a sharpening steel to keep it sharp
  •  Cast Iron Skillet: the longer you have these, the better flavor they add to your food.  And you never wash them (you’re not supposed to), just wipe clean and dry!
  •  Slow Cooker: Great for new cooks because you just throw a bunch of stuff in and leave it be; also great for the busy professionals who throw stuff in before work, then come home to an amazing smell and a home cooked meal!
  •  Salt & Pepper Mills: Not only are these useful for seasoning while you cook, but they’re better presentation at the dinner table when you’re entertaining guests.
  •  Steak Knives: Speaking of entertaining, there’s nothing worse than inviting friends over for steaks on the grill, only to give them a steak knife that will barely cut through their Rib Eye…
  •  Wine Glasses: You can never have too many, because these ALWAYS break in time
  •  Mixing Bowls: For preparing food, serving popcorn, displaying fruit…these are so versatile and essential to every kitchen, now’s the time to get a good set.

What activities do you enjoy doing together? Whatever your interests and hobbies are, include some registry items that will allow you to share some experiences and create some memories.  A few suggestions:
  •  Classes:  If you both love to cook (or maybe you need to learn); perhaps you both share a passion for wine, or maybe you’re both interested in learning Tai Chi.  Register for lessons or classes that you can take together!
  •  Luggage: Maybe you’re world travelers or maybe you only take one trip a year; either way luggage is something that most people need at some point in their lives.  Rolling luggage, carry-on luggage, or even duffle bags—they’re all handy!
  •  Season Tickets/Bundled Tickets: Whether you spend your weekends on the slopes, can be found at the local theater on Friday nights, or cheer on the local college football team every Saturday, consider registering for season tickets or a bundle of tickets to one of your favorite activities. 
  •  Gear: If you partake in outdoor activities together (anything from camping to skiing to fishing to cycling to…), consider registering at places like Cabela’s,
Bass Pro Shops, or REI if there’s one in your area.

When I was younger, my family was invited to the wedding of a young man we’d known for years.  We’d not yet met the bride, but had known him since he was young.  When their registry at Sears included a tool set, my parents jumped at the chance to buy it!  It was something that they would both benefit from, but it was definitely more tailored to the groom.  That being said, try to register for gifts that might be a bit more personalized; just don’t get carried away with it!  Guests might not appreciate you registering for new yoga clothes for you or a new snowboard for your hubby, but things like tools for him or a sewing machine for you are fair game.

The biggest things to keep in mind is to offer up variety to your guests: variety of items, stores and pricing.  Know that you’re not going to receive everything that you ask for, so be sure to register with stores that have good return policies, that way you can return the extra set of towels that you received in order to buy that much-needed blender!