Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 by Faye

Oh The Naughty Things We Do - Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

Strippers, total memory loss, and super naughty photos might be the first things to pop into you head when you see bachelor/bachelorette party, but keep an open mind! If the bridal shower is the celebration of you entering into a union then the bachelorette party (the bachelor party too) is the celebration of your single life. This is the best time to blow off some wedding planning steam and get silly with friends before all the scheduled stress of the wedding.

Who hosts?
The maid of honor is usually responsible for hosting the bachelorette party. The best man is typically in charge of the bachelor party. But, good friends, other groomsmen, and bridesmaids might join in the planning. Depending on your goals for the night you might want to ask you party-hard girlfriends to set the course or if you want to be mellow, ask your stay-at-home girls. For grooms, the same advice is true!

Who to invite?
This is the most causal and youngest of all guest lists, but the golden rule still applies: only invite guests who are also getting a wedding invite. Gather your girlfriends and close family for the bachelorette party. The groom will get his boys together. Since most bachelorette/bachelor parties involve some amount of alcohol the guest list is typically 21 and older.

Classic bachelorette/bachelor party ideas include: a Vegas weekend, spa day, camping trip, golf outing, poker or game night, a trip to the local karaoke bar, an organized pub crawl, cooking classes, weekend road trips, or a trip to a lake or beach house. The list is really endless and like all things wedding, largely depends on your friends, the host, and your personal style. Feel free to tell your host you don’t want a crazy night out and would prefer an intimate gathering. Maybe your family has a cabin you want visit for the weekend, anything goes with this event!

No drinking and driving!  This rule is absolute! Hire a limo, make sure you have a designated driver, or arrange for taxicabs when the night is over.

Be comfortable!  Your maid of honor may want an all out male review, but if that’s not your thing let her know and nicely suggest something tamer. If at any point, ladies and gentlemen, you feel uncomfortable with the night or if your friends are partying in a direction not in line with being married, leave! It’s your party after all.

Don’t have a hangover at your wedding!  Schedule the event a few weeks before the actual wedding. If your only option to get all your guests together is to have the party a few days before the wedding, go easy! No bride or groom wants a hangover at the altar!

Thank your host!  The drinks they bought may give you a headache the next day, but the effort your host put into throwing you a night out on the town should be acknowledged.