Saturday, January 28th, 2012 by Faye

Your Guide to Getting Bridal Beautiful—Wedding Hair & Makeup

Looking gorgeous the day of your wedding is every bride’s goal. But before you commit to hair and makeup, make sure your styles are aisle ready and your beauty team is on board!

Do some research and find a well-recommended stylist, or work with your current stylist. Make sure they are available on your wedding date and within your budget. Then set up a consultation to discuss what type of hairstyle would look best with your face, dress, and overall wedding style. Don’t be afraid to bring in photos from magazines and make sure you read our article on Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle. You may need to start growing your hair out or changing your color; many brides start the process as soon as they are engaged just to have the option of longer hair.

Three to four months before
Try out any new cuts or hair colors (for new cuts we really recommend six months). Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a crazy trend or radical cut, and you’ll want to look fabulous for all the events leading up to your wedding, too. So DO NOT try to switch up your look a month or two before the big day.

Three to four weeks before
Do a hairstyle trial run. Short or long, there are many wonderful styles to choose from!  You’ll want to bring your veil or hair accessory along with you to the trial run.

Touch up your color if this is a concern and get a trim. Again we caution, don’t do anything too drastic too close to your date. You don’t want to go from long flowing locks to a chic bob without ample time to adjust.

On your wedding day
Schedule at least one hour for your hairstyle, but double check with your stylist (as brides wearing complicated styles or with very long hair may require more time). Make sure to bake in some extra time in case of delays or disasters. If your bridal party is also getting their hair done, make sure your stylist has enough time to handle everyone and schedule 30-40 minutes per person.

Two to three months before
Commit to a healthier you with these bridal beauty resolutions. Consult with a dermatologist about what skin care decisions are smart for you. We recommend visiting an independent dermatologist not associated with a spa to avoid getting strong-armed into buying products and treatments you don’t need.

Three to four weeks before
Schedule any dermatologist-recommended treatments such as a facial or peel. Be aware that many women will actually break out from a facial and your skin will need plenty of time to calm down. If you are thinking of treatments like microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, or other medi-spa services, consult with a professional on how far in advance you should start. Some treatments, like laser hair removal, need to be started a minimum of six months prior to any occasion.

Most brides want their natural beauty to shine through on their wedding day and why not! There is no need to overdo it on makeup as long as you take the right steps to getting flawless supermodel skin.

Two to three months before
Start searching for your makeup artist. If you already have one in mind your search will be quicker, but you do want to give yourself a good amount of time to look through listings, check out web sites, read reviews, and meet with the professional in person. When meeting with potential makeup artists, ask yourself—Do I like the way this person does their own hair and makeup? If the answer is no, chances are you will not like the way they do yours. Have the makeup artist do a trial run, and keep your expectations in check. Don’t bring in a picture of Nicole Kidman and expect to be transformed if you have dark hair and olive skin.  No matter how talented, no artist will be able to change your skin tone!

If you plan on doing your own make up, make sure you have all the products you need and start practicing two months before the big day. Practice makes perfect! You might even want to have a friend take a few photos to make sure your look works well on film!

On the day of your wedding
Schedule one hour for make up. Bridesmaids will each need 30-40 minutes if they are getting their makeup done by a professional.

Nails and Waxing
Two to three days before
Get a manicure and pedicure. Use this as a scheduled break from hectic wedding activities and maybe even get your bridal party involved. We do not recommend doing your nails the day of, as they will need more time to dry. This time frame applies to acrylic or shellac nail treatments as well.

DO NOT do any waxing two to three days before the wedding. If you know you have sensitive skin, get waxed up to one week before the wedding to avoid redness and/or bumps.