10 Most Cringe-Worthy Wedding Reception Moments

By admin, Published Jan 25, 2012

Your wedding day should be full of bliss and it will be!  You will look like a dream, your groom will be as handsome as ever, and those in attendance will be the ones who care for you most.  But the moment you throw an open bar into the mix, even the tamest wedding guest (like great aunt Edna) will let loose.  And when guests let their hair down, cringe-worthy moments ensue!

We asked nearlyweds, newlyweds, bridal bloggers and wedding pros to share the most awkward, uncomfortable, make-you-blush moments ever seen at a wedding reception.  And boy oh boy did we get some doozies!  So without further adieu, we count down the ten most cringe-worthy, shocking wedding reception shenanigans:

#10—When your uncle Bob's pants split while he tries to do "the Worm" on the dancefloor.

#9—That toast that NEVER ENDS. You know the one. It just. doesn't. end.

#8—When the wedding cake made by a friend (who is a far cry from a professional baker) collapses into a sugary mess as horrified guests look on.

#7—When a bon voyage sparkler sendoff lands a guest (or worse, the bride) in the hospital.

#6—When the bride unknowingly backs into the chocolate fountain, and is walking around with a lot more than a bustle in back.

#5—When the Best Man starts bawling uncontrollably seconds into his toast, and can't pull it together but won’t give up the mic.

#4—When your newly-single grandpa tries to put the moves on, not one, but ALL of your bridesmaids.

#3—When the MOH comes crashing out of the photobooth with the bride's barely-legal brother.

#2—When the father of the groom refers to the bride by the groom's ex-gf's name.

#1—When the bride refers to her groom by her ex-bf’s name.

Special thanks to Dana LaRue of The Broke-Ass Bride and Abby Turner of Icing on the Cake Events for helping make this list extra cringe-worthy!

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