12 Wedding Flower Color Combos Perfect for Summer

By admin, Published Jul 31, 2013

It's hard to believe that August is right around the corner! But don't you worry, we still have plenty of summer wedding territory to cover (and inspiration to share) before the Autumn leaves start falling.

A month or so back, we published a Seasonal Wedding Flowers Guide for Summertime. And today we follow it up with color combinations that are spot-on for the season! Here are twelve beautiful palettes and gorgeous floral arrangements we absolutely love...

1 - Petal Pink, Orange & White

2 - Pale Peach, Lemon & Rose

3 - Lilac, Plum & Periwinkle

4 - Cobalt Blue & Burnt Orange

5 - Mint & Pale Pink

6 - Blush to Ivory Ombre

7 - White & Glacier Gray

8 - Blue Iris & Buttercream

9 - Whimsical Rainbow

10 - Tangerine, Nectarine & Seafoam

11 - Mixed Citruses

12 - Peony Pink & White

Romantic orchid and peony wedding bouquets

Christian Oth | Michelle Turner via Ceci New York

Which of these color combinations are you smitten with?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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