13 Baseball Details That’ll Knock Your Wedding Out of the Park

By Dana LaRue, Published Apr 23, 2013

A cheer erupts as two teams take to the field for one glorious show. The sun is casting a warm light over the crowd and the grass is a perfect crisp green. Emotions run high as folks gather to hail their favorites. Beers are cheersed and high-fives are had. And one thing's for sure: He sure snagged a great catch!

It's baseball season. And wedding season! And for anyone who has a love of America's Pastime, there are few greater marriages than the old ball game and your big day! Whether a Cubby for life or part of the Boston Faithful, if you root, root, root for the home team, there's no way to strike out when adding baseball details to your wedding day.

And if you and your partner happen to be on the opposite side of the diamond when it comes to your teams, what better way to bring out a little friendly competition than peppering small details throughout your celebration to show where your loyalty lies!

While you can certainly go all out and say your I Do's under the Jumbotron, if you're looking for a more formal fete, here are some ways to include the ball game in your big day:

Getting a photo booth? Snag some baseball swag and set up a backdrop reminiscent of one of the best movies of all time. But you might have to remind that emotional best man that there's no crying in baseball!

Make sure he knows what a great catch he is with this suave wedding band.

Make sure you give your crew a head's up with this ticket-style Save the Date

Follow that up with a more elegant but still in-theme ticket-style invitation detailing all the night's festivities.

Decorating with succulents? Stick 'em in a planter plastered with your team's logo.

For a slightly more elegant twist, use cylindrical vases, astro turf and baseballs as the centerpieces on your tables.

Make sure you get a really good slice of that pitch ... and your cake!

Let your guests know where they can find their seat for the show with these baseball themed place card holders.

Miniature sports-themed gumball machines will really hit the sweet spot when given as favors to your guests.

It's a boy's game, and make sure they're well-juiced with these personalized baseball flasks.

Make sure your guests really have a ball with engraved baseball favors.

And ensure all the proper thanks are given with these classy wooden tags.

But the game isn't over when the party ends. Give your partner a sporting surprise with a garter showing off his team logo ... or show that you're a fan for life by sporting it with your team's insignia.

Whaddya think, sports fans? Are you going to show your team spirit on your big day?

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