13 Budget-Friendly Blooms to Stretch Your Wedding Dollar

By admin, Published Feb 6, 2013

Brides love flowers, but it's no secret that beautiful blooms are expensive! After talking with a few talented Chicago florists, I learned that the going rate for a single wedding is about $10,000. Yowza! $10,000 for a whole lot of floral pretty that lasts just one day? Seems a little steep!

So to help you cut down on your wedding flower spend, I did a bit of research to round up some of the most budget-friendly blooms. Incorporating these types of flowers definitely let brides get the luxe look for less, so bookmark this blog and Pin your favorites!

1. Carnations

2. Baby's Breath

3. Filler flowers like Goldenrod and Mimosa

4. Miniature Daisies

5. Craspedia Balls (aka Billy Balls)

6. Daffodils

7. Large Oriental or Asiatic Lilies

8. White Iris

9. Chrysanthemum (aka commercial mum)

10. Mokara Orchid or Dendrobiums Orchid

11. Spray Roses

12. Sunflowers

13. Wildflowers


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