15 Elegant Dresses for the MOB

By admin, Published Feb 28, 2013

Chances are you haven't put much thought into what your mom or future MIL will wear to your wedding. Why? Because you're focused on finding your dream wedding dress! And that's perfectly ok! But...

I was chatting with my fiance's lovely mother last night, who's prepping for her first appearance as MOG this May, and she expressed what a tough time she had finding a dress that she absolutely loved.

And once I did a few Google searches and poked around some MOB/MOG online shops for solid options, I could totally feel her pain! The pickings are slim! So I felt it was my duty to round up a handful of elegant and sophisticated styles perfect for the mothers in the wedding. Take a peek...

I'm kind of obsessed with these alternative slacks styles from Pronovias... aren't they perfect for a tropical destination or beach wedding?

Do you love any of these dresses for your mom or future MIL? Which styles are your favorite?

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