2010 Wedding Trend Alert: GROOMed for Success!

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 22, 2010

Happy Monday! A couple of weeks ago we announced the top ten wedding trends we see for 2010. For the next few weeks we’ll take a little time to look at each trend in a little more depth. One of the biggest new trends in weddings is the emergence of the groom! Grooms are getting involved and bringing their own ideas and sense of style to the planning process. The result looks great as today’s groom is no longer willing to just put on a tux and stand there. Now he finds a suit or tux that fits his body AND his personality. As Khris from DIY Bride said in our recent trend survey, “Those gorgeous grooms are stepping up and going for more personal wedding apparel than the standard rental tux. Look for suits to be big this year along with custom-made ties, shirts, cuff links, and other accessories.” Groom involvement is part of what’s driving some of the other trends as well. Grooms tend to be a little less tied to the “must haves” and “can’t dos” and they help brides create a wedding that’s fun, comfortable and reflects both of their personalities. If you’re looking for some ways to get your groom involved in the wedding planning process, check out our groom info, but also some of the new sites that cater to grooms. We’ve mentioned them before, but we definitely have crushes on the guys at The Man Registry and The Plunge. Helpful Links Top Ten Wedding Trends for 2010 Inspiration for Grooms Gifts for Grooms and Groomsmen

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