2010 Wedding Trend: Wedding Cakes Gone Wild

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 10, 2010

If you read our Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2010 blog post yesterday, you already know that when it comes to wedding cakes, fondant is out, and butter cream icing is in. But after surveying wedding experts, we learned that wedding cakes are taking a little breather in 2010... a mini hiatus of sorts. Brides will be breaking tradition, and branching out by serving alternative, yummy desserts (desserts you do not want to pass up!). Juliet Douglas of Green Orchid Events and The Vegas Wedding Planner had some suggestions that I absolutely loved! A few of her picks for sweet wedding treats in 2010... - Mini donut stands or donut stations (I tasted some delicious donuts at Indie Wed from Glazed Chicago Donuts, so this is a trend I'm definitely down for!) - Other decadent dessert stations, including cookie stands, brownie stands, and even biscotti stands. - Cheesecake lollipops Denise from Weddings Jubilee is loving the uptick in butler-passed (or tray-passed) desserts, and Khris from DIY Bride recommends mini desserts as takeaway wedding favors for your guests! And for brides going the Backyard Rustic Chic route, a selection of wedding pies is a fantastic alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Helpful Links 2010 Wedding Trends

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