2011 Style Report: On-Trend Wedding Bands

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 22, 2011

Special to OneWed by Whiteflash.com Spring wedding season is rapidly approaching, so that means brides and grooms across the country are tasting wedding cakes, practicing their dance moves, and weighing the relative advantages of calla lilies and orchids. One more item on the agenda: purchasing wedding bands. Without further adieu, we present, for the very first time, the hottest wedding band trends of 2011—a gorgeously motley collection of luxurious classics and surprising new details. Trend #1- Filigree One of the biggest trends in jewelry of all kinds is a return to the kind of Old-World craftsmanship that turns a piece of jewelry from a bauble to an heirloom. Hand-etched filigree is one example that is perfect for a wedding band. A delicate filigreed design like this one is a great way to incorporate only a few small melée stones but still have powerful visual impact. This wedding band also provides that handmade, vintage look that is so hot right now, and it coordinates well with a simple engagement ring. One caveat—filigree may not be the best option for those who work with their hands. Trend #2- Color Sapphires have never been bigger—they were a rising trend even before Prince William popped the question with a certain famous sapphire ring. Even if you opt for a traditional diamond engagement ring, adding a few sapphires to a diamond eternity wedding band is a great way to introduce some fun and color to your wedding band set. In this example, the bezel set sapphires alternate with diamonds, not only adding a beautiful color but also making the entire wedding band more affordable. Trend #3- Three-Quarter Eternity Band As popular as the eternity band is, think of the three-quarter eternity band as the little sister who is slowly but surely stealing her crown. There are many advantages to the three-quarter eternity band. For one, replacing the diamonds in the back of the ring with a smooth metal shank makes the entire ring more comfortable. Additionally, the three-quarter eternity wedding band can be had at a much more affordable price point due to those strategic missing stones. Lastly, the exposed metal shank makes it much easier to adjust the size of the wedding band if need be. Trend #4- Understated Luxury 2011 is all about understated luxury—as the world slowly recovers from the crisis of the last few years, we are reevaluating our obsession with the “bigger is better” mentality. A narrow wedding band set with a few top-notch diamonds is a perfect way to wear luxury without looking ostentatious. This unique wedding band features channel and bead set pavé stones, whic has both the sleek silhouette of the channel setting and the great diamond security of a classic bead setting. The narrow sides of the wedding band means it will wear nicely with an engagement ring, even a wider, more intricate one. Despite all these exciting new trends, sometimes a simple ring is all you need. If your engagement ring is a complicated, intricate style, it may be best to pair it with a simple wedding band. A solid white gold or platinum wedding band with a sleek silhouette and a comfortable shank may be all you need. In this his-and-hers set, the man’s ring is accented with nothing more than a band of frosted metal, and the woman’s is left simple and beautiful. Helpful Links: Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2011 Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

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