3 Timeless Wedding Ring Trends

By Azure Nelson, Published Aug 16, 2011

Styling the perfect wedding bands by Alison Rowe, Bridal and Jewelry Expert

Shopping for your wedding bands can feel a bit daunting. You are, after all, choosing a ring you will wear for the rest of your life. And you’re asked to make this important decision in the midst of ordering flowers, testing caterers and designing wedding invitations. Lucky for us, there’s a style for every personal preference for her and him. Try finding a basic style you love—it could be as simple as a solid platinum band—and then add your own personal touch. This will help to ease the selection process, and gives your ring even more meaning as a symbol of your enduring love and commitment. Here’s an inside look into today’s latest wedding band trends: 1• Engraving: Engraving is on the rise, and many couples are inscribing a sentimental message or date on the inner rim of their wedding bands. If you’re thinking about engraving, be sure to choose your metal wisely. White gold will need to be re-plated to retain its white luster, and over time, the inscription will fade. Platinum will be your best bet as it’s the most durable of all the precious metals. Your engraved message will never wear away, and your meaningful words will live on for generations. 2• Vintage: More and more brides are incorporating pieces of family heirlooms into their wedding band’s designs—everything from their grandmother’s platinum engagement ring setting to a sapphire from an aunt’s vintage brooch. Not only does this give the bride creative license over her ring’s design, but it also allows her to carry a piece of her family’s history with her everyday for the rest of her life. 3• Metal Harmony: There’s no rule that says his and her bands have to match—for example, 80% of women want diamonds in their wedding bands as compared to only 20% of men. However, there is a growing trend toward matching the metals of your bands, aka ‘metal harmony’. Metal harmony symbolizes the strength of your marital connection, so make sure you choose a durable metal, like platinum, which can withstand a lifetime of daily wear. To view the latest wedding ring styles, visit www.preciousplatinum.com/designgallery. Are you sporting a platinum engagement ring? Then how would you like to win his and hers platinum wedding bands worth nearly $3,000? Enter to win on our Facebook page before September 12, 2011. Don't have a platinum engagement ring? Don't worry, there's platinum for you, too! Just share our Show Us Your Platinum promo with your fans, friends and followers and you'll be automatically entered to win gorgeous $550 platinum hoop earrings! So don't miss your chance to win precious platinum!!

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