3 Wedding Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Aleah Valley, Published Apr 30, 2012

We know. Wedding planning can be daunting and difficult to begin, especially if you're going it alone without a seasoned planning team or someone who knows the ropes to guide you. So today we're sharing 3 wedding planning mistakes we see most often and how to avoid them in hopes of saving you headaches and added costs:

ONE- Signing on the dotted line. Don't fall to pressure from wedding venues or any vendor before you and your fiance have gotten to really read the fine print. Make sure that you've asked for the most out of an estimate and don't be afraid to ask for any extra perks (or to cut that unnecessary cake cutting fee) before signing. Understand minimums and what they truly mean (read: if a venue has a $15,000 minimum that is not what you'll be paying out the door; taxes and gratuity are on top of this). Ask for an estimate based on the menu and drink choices you like; not just standard options. You could be unpleasantly surprised down the road to learn that what you really want skyrockets your budget. Finally, make sure the date gels with what you envision and that you're totally comfortable with the vendors and what they're offering.

TWO- Inviting too many guests. This can be a tough one to swallow for couples and their families, but if you have a firm budget your guest list needs to be heavily scrutinized before you get too eager and mail out invitations. You absolutely cannot uninvite anyone, so make sure your budget is framed to the cent and your venue can accommodate the number of guests you want to invite. Then move forward with sending out save the dates and invitations. Be very clear on your save the dates and invitations as to who you are inviting. Address the invitation specifically to each guest in the family.

THREE- Skimping on the important. While it's easy to assume that every detail involved in your wedding is equally important, focus on what's most important to you both. Consider the food and experience, having a planning team who can guide you, hiring an amazing wedding photographer and cinematographer, or stunning flowers and stationery. Prioritize based on what you value the most and budget accordingly. Fill in the blanks from there with items like your favors and finishing touches. Don't get too gung ho and purchase or hire vendors without doing this first.

Remember to always enjoy the planning process. If you get too overwhelmed just take a break and a deep breath. Happy planning!

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