4 Easy Ways to Save on Your Wedding

By ceaster@themanregistry.com, Published Feb 16, 2012

Special to OneWed by Kara Horner, TheManRegistry.com

Let’s face it; unless you’re marrying a Kardashian and money is no object, the majority of today’s engaged couples are looking for ways to save money while planning their weddings. By now you’ve realized that wedding day price tags can add up quickly, but don’t sweat it. Here are some ways to turn those splurges into saves.

Guest List: Consider eliminating plus one invites for guests on your list who aren’t currently in relationships—you’d be surprised how many “extras” you can shave off your guest list this way. Remember, weddings are a great place for singles to mingle anyway. Another option is to keep your guest list to close friends and family only, by eliminating or limiting the number of distant relatives and/or coworkers you invite. 

Alcohol: While eliminating alcohol altogether may be the most budget-friendly option, a dry wedding reception may be a non-negotiable for many couples. However, limiting the beverages offered at your reception to beer and wine only (instead of offering mixed drinks as well) can definitely save on your alcohol tab. Another option is to offer house liquor instead of premium picks. Additionally, skipping the champagne toast and letting your guests toast you with their drink of choice can really save on liquor costs. 

Transportation: Unless you’re staying put in the same location all night, you’ll need some sort of transportation to take you from the ceremony location to the reception to wherever you’ll be spending your wedding night. But that transportation doesn’t have to break the bank. Know a friend or relative who has a great classic car or hot rod? Ask them if you can use the car for the evening in lieu of a wedding gift. Alternatively, if you’re set on renting a car, ask if you can provide your own champagne and strawberries, if that’s something you’d like to have on hand, to save on costs.

Honeymoon: While most couples may want to take an exotic honeymoon after the wedding, your finances may be too exhausted to swing it. One way to save is to go a mini-moon by scaling back your honeymoon to a weekend or just a few nights in your dream location instead of a full week or longer. Another option is to visit a nearby location stateside to save money. There are lots of great domestic locations to consider whether you’re looking for a relaxing or adventure-filled honeymoon destination. Alternatively, consider postponing your honeymoon (until your first anniversary, for example), so you can save a bit more money to put toward it later on. 

However you decide to save, remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an amazing wedding day. Keeping these money-saving tips in mind will help you plan a budget-friendly wedding without sacrificing quality.

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