5 Bridal Designers On-Trend for Jazz Age Fashion

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published May 10, 2013

The Great Gatsby premieres today and oh what a costume fest it will be, especially for brides contemplating sheath and evening gown silhouettes.

The fusion of Art Deco/Gatsby/Jazz Age that designers are incorporating into their collections boils down to a stew of the creme de la creme of early 20th Century fashion.

First talent that comes to mind of course is Claire Pettibone, a woman who's earned a niche all her own in this industry of white lace and satin. While her gowns sometimes evoke more images of  Boho than Gatsby, swap the floral head wreaths out for jeweled hair adornments topped off with bird cage veils and you have a Hollywood glam look Hurrell himself would have died to photograph.

Next up is Lindsey Fleming the award winning UK designer of All That Jazz, a collection of Gatsby inspired bridal gowns loaded up on luxurious fabrics and exquisite details.

Chalk Natalia Misslin up as one of my personal favorites and a designer after my own heart. Based in Edinburgh, her designs are reminiscent of Hollywood in its golden era. She uses body hugging chiffons and crepes, lightweight fabrics that work beautifully with light and movement....

Known mostly for extraordinary head chic, Mata Hari's daughter is the place to go for plugged-into-fashion enthusiasts who love pieces inspired by the early 20th-Century. Yes, every so often you'll find a great authentic vintage gown, like this liquid satin gemmie....

Lastly, I can't go away without adding BHLDN to this group. Though they are an enlightened committee of hip designers instead of one visionary mind, any era of vintage is beautifully represented by this company --Gatsby included-- with an array of awesome accessories to go with...

Which of these designers does Great Gatsby best? Share your pick in the comments section below!

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