5 Holiday-Inspired DIY Wedding Flower Projects- Part Deux

By Azure Nelson, Published Dec 10, 2010

Special to OneWed by Lisa W. for FiftyFlowers.com We already broke down how to create 5 of the fabulous holiday-inspired DIY wedding flower projects. And today, we've got the how to's on the remaining 5! DIY Wedding Flowers Project 6- Fresh Flower-Adorned Ring Bearer Pillow Materials • Small, round pillow • Two stems Spray roses • Straight pins • Floral shears Ring Bearer Pillow How-To • Snip ten roses just below the bloom and leaving no stem. • Arrange your roses on top of the pillow, before pinning, until you are happy with the design. We created a triad of roses spraying out. • To secure the roses onto the pillow, insert straight pins directly into the center of the flower. Secure by pinning through the stem as well. Insert as many pins as needed to secure the blooms and your design. DIY Wedding Flowers Project 7- Rose Petal Wedding Ceremony Aisle Materials • 6000 fresh rose petals or 100 cups for a 20 foot aisle. • Aisle runner • Double-sided foam tape Rose Petal Aisle How-To • Sketch out the design for your rose petal aisle. The most simple design would be to line each side of the aisle runner. Ideas for the center of the aisle are a monogram, swirls or shapes inspired by your theme. • Roll out the aisle runner and secure to the floor with double sided foam tape. • Begin decorating! Grab a handful of petals and create a border up each side of the aisle. Rose Petal Aisle Top Tip- Rose petal aisle are one of the most efficient ways to decorate. You can be the designer but SAFETY FIRST! Be sure to strongly secure the aisle runner to the floor so that no one trips down the aisle. DIY Wedding Flowers Project 8- Fragrant and Elegant Hair Flowers Materials • Spray Roses • Hypericum berry • Floral shears • 24 gauge floral wire • Floral tape • Bobby pins Hair Flowers How-To • Snip three spray roses leaving a 3 inch stem on each. • Cut a sprig of hypericum berry with a 3 inch stem. • Bundle the roses and the sprig of hypericum berry in your hand and arrange so that the blooms are beautifully framed by the berries. Be sure that the blooms are lying flat and not making a round shape. • When you are happy with the position of the flowers, secure the stems by wrapping a piece of floral wire around to secure the stems. Cut off the extra wire. • Wrap the stems with floral tape to secure. • Secure the bundle in the hair with bobby pins. • To store the completed hair piece, mist with water and place in a cool room. DIY Wedding Flowers Project 9- Mini Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers Materials • Cupcakes • Spray roses • Drinking Straws • Scissors Mini Wedding Cakes How-To • Cut drinking straws into 1 inch lengths. Flowers can alter flavor so we use the straws to keep the stems from touching the cake. • Cut the spray roses leaving about 1 inch of stem. • Insert a straw into each cake. • Insert bloom into the straw, set on a platter or stand and serve. Mini Wedding Cakes Top Tip- If your mini wedding cakes are covered with fondant, use a crochet needle or ice pick to poke a hole before inserting the straw. DIY Wedding Flowers Project 10- Floral Hand Binding for Wedding Ceremony Materials • 30” length of Decorative Rope, with or without tassels • Two stems Spray Roses • Moss Covered Wire • 24 gauge floral wire sticks • Wire cutters and floral shears Floral Hand Binding How-To • Cut the decorative rope to approximately 30 inch length. • Cut the moss covered wire to the same length as the rope and then wrap the rope around the wire and secure at each end. • Take a stem of spray roses and snip off 4 of the most beautiful open blooms you can find. Snip each just below the neck. • Take a piece of floral wire and insert through the stem. Wrap around to secure the wire. Then trim wire to 5 inches. Repeat this for each flower. • Attach two of the rose heads in the very center of the rope by winding the floral wire around the moss covered wire. This two flowers together will sit on top of your bound hands and symbolize the joining of two. • Then attach a rose on each end of the rope to symbolize each of you as individuals. Floral Hand Binding Top Tip- During the wedding ceremony, the officiant will wrap the rose to bind your hands. Choose a poem, verse or special song to play to enjoy this beautiful moment. A special thanks to all the fabulous wedding pros who helped make this very merry photo shoot happen! Wedding Flowers: FiftyFlowers.com Creative Direction and Styling: Lisa Waddington, Shindig Creative Photographer: John Unrue Videographer, Lighting: Mark LeGrand, Pro One Video Linens, Rentals, Desserts, Cocktail and Coffee Design: Puff ‘n Stuff Catering Hair & Makeup: About Face Bridal Fashion: The Collection Groom's Tuxedo: Absolutely Fitting Stationery Calligraphy: Samira Gast Handmade Candy Canes: Altamarie’s Candies

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