5 Hot Trends In Wedding Accessories

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Aug 9, 2013

Did you know most brides wait till the dress is ordered and/or fitted before they consider even looking at all the little goodies? Think accessories like headpiece, veil, shoes, and whatever other accouterments are going to be part of the look.

Unless you're one of those rare brides who has inherited some unusual piece of veiling or a hat you want to build your look around, it's the wedding dress that's going to define everything you add (or subtract for that matter). From this round up of styled shoots and real weddings, let's start at the top and work our way down to what's new, chic and even out of the box for brides.

LESS CAN BE MORE WITH A BARRETTE: I see brides keeping it simple with super chic hairstyling, adding a hair clip or pretty barrette. I adore the elegance of the one above and how it compliments the bride's soft coiffure...

VINTAGE: With the popularity of Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby influencing fashion, tying a mantilla or strip of wide lace into a knot and worn low on the forehead lends a vintage 1920's look.

TATTERED: It takes a special bride who loves to flaunt a certain raw creativity to sport this tattered headband paired up with Tara Latour's gown.

LACE EARRINGS: This bride not only designed her own dress, she incorporated earrings of Alencon lace that echoed the same on her lovely veil. Great inspiration and creativity!

CAPES: I'm a total cape lover. The right one can really jazz up a simple dress, adding a whole new sense of style. This is out of delicate English netting, lace and beads by Marisol Aparicio.

Bonus Trend Alert! Yes, you certainly can and should think of your bouquet as the focal point accessory whether it's live or constructed out of tinted glass like this one so perfect for Autumn brides.

Which of these trends are you loving right now? Sound off below!!

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