5 Little Pre-Wedding Conversations that Matter in a Big Way

By hello@bitchlessbride.com, Published May 22, 2012

Basically, these are topics to discuss with your groom BEFORE your wedding… Read, learn and thank me later:

1. Your marriage is not destined for disaster if your groom sees you in your veil before the wedding. So, as you are practicing your vows, pin that bad boy in your hair and have him practice “unveiling” you once it is time to come out from “hiding”. Literally… Have him go through the motions of gently lifting the veil up and over your head. Really? Yes! Sadly, I’ve been witness to too many hair pulling, veil ripping awkward moments at the altar, so remember that practice makes perfect!

2. Your wedding is not your 8th grade semi-formal; so don’t dance like it is. Rehearse how you are going to move around the floor during your 1st dance as husband and wife. Take a class or two and practice some moves… If that’s not your thing, fine… just do something! Kiss, look longingly into each other’s eyes, but please for the love of God, don’t just sway back and forth with his hands on your hips…

3. “And now ladies and gentlemen if you could please turn your attention to the dance floor… The bride and groom are about to cut the cake.” STOP. Talk to each other about the “cake mash”. The whaaaa? You know, where the bride and groom feed each other cake, but one of them didn’t get the memo not to mash it into the other’s mouth. Yeah… that. Basically, just don’t mash the f***ing wedding cake... Make sure you BOTH understand this concept, and have this conversation before the big day.

4. Agree on whether or not visiting each guest table is something you are choosing to do. I am not judging one way or another (because there are several “rules” for this particular aspect, and as you’ve probably guessed, BB is not much for rules… just do what’s right for the two of you because as I’ve mentioned previously, nobody cares (except maybe your mother!)), but no matter what you decide to do, have a plan formulated together before the big day arrives.

5. Don’t have separate weddings. This is going to sound totally cheeseball, but make a pact prior to tying the knot that you won’t be without each other for the entire reception. You’ve spent a ton of time and a shitload of money planning this day, so don’t get sucked into polite chatter with people you don’t care about, and miss your time together. Dance, celebrate and enjoy every moment because before you know it, it’ll be over. Your wedding day will be the fastest day of your life… So, enjoy it… together.

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