5 New Etsy Wedding Favorites

By Dana LaRue, Published May 8, 2013

wedding guest book signature orbs

Signature orbs wedding guest book alternative by Etsy seller Once Upon a Paper

Ah, Etsy. That ever-flowing font of wedding inspiration. I'm several years out from my own wedding at this point, but whenever I go on Etsy, there's always something that pulls me right back in to the land of weddingdom.

Once your big day is past, you will definitely miss the Pinteresting, Etsying, and general wedding web surfing. Your life will feel strangely empty for a little while, but then life will wash in, and you'll remember that you had other hobbies and/or life goals before you got engaged.

But occasionally, you'll see a little wedding something that stirs your heart - like this gorgeous watercolor wedding guest book alternative - and the wedding planning nostalgia will nearly bowl you over.

Here are 4 other fab Etsy products I've recently spotted that did exactly that. If you're still in the midst of planning, consider yourself lucky. 

black matte wedding box 2

Black matte wedding box by Etsy seller Miss Vintage Wedding

This is such a pain-stakingly simple and lovely concept. This would make an excellent ring bearer's box, but I think it would be even more swoon-worthy as a ring box for a proposal.

gold sequin party dress

Gold sequin party dress by Etsy seller Ouma

I never knew I truly loved gold until I saw this dress. If you select this as your wedding dress, please send me a picture - I am dying to see these sequins in action! 

Champagne Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Champagne rose cut diamond ring by Etsy seller Vena Amoris

Oy, this ring. This stackable wedding band is designed to sit perfectly under any of the seller's gorgeous engagement rings, and can be customized in a variety of metals and stones. 

for like ever cake topper

For like ever acrylic wedding cake topper by Etsy seller Oh Dier

Not everyone can be so articulate about their love, but I think this adorbs cake topper sums everything up pretty perfectly, don't you? If you want to make an even bigger statement, this also comes as a large wooden wedding sign. 

What have you spotted on Etsy that recently revolutionized your wedding vision? Do tell in the comments! 

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