5 Really Bad Ways to Pop the Question

By admin, Published Jan 10, 2013

How did your groom-to-be (or bride-to-be) pop the question? I'll bet it was romantic, memorable, and absolutely unforgettable. And even if there were a few bumps or snags along the way (like, the ring not fitting or someone stumbling over their words), chances are you loved every minute of your engagement proposal.

Unfortunately, not every bride-to-be is so lucky. Because for as many amazing proposal stories as there are, there are also plenty of bad ones. And if you keep reading, you'll get a little taste! Here are five of the worst ways to propose...

1. While faking a plane crash. A Chicago pilot got the bright idea to take his love on a romantic sightseeing tour, then act like the plane was having mechanical issues (I.e. They were going down) to get her to read the emergency checklist (which he had altered and added "ring engagement procedures" to). And, he caught it all on tape. I don't know about you, but I would NOT be a happy camper if this was the type of engagement story I had to tell. Luckily for the pilot though, his frightened passenger said Yes!

2. On Twitter, a la Deadmau5 and Kat Von D. Two couples back in 2008 made headlines for popping the question via Twitter, but personally I can't imagine a less memorable way to get engaged. What about the ring? The down on one knee? The amazing words leading up to the proposal? 140 characters simply can't get it done.

3. At someone else's wedding. Can you imagine a guest popping the question at your wedding? Talk about a spotlight stealer! To propose at a wedding is clearly in bad taste, unless for some crazy reason, the bride and groom OK it ahead of time.

4. A yellow message in the snow. Umm....where do I even begin. I will give this guy credit for his penmanship (the "Will you marry me?" message looks pretty good! See for yourself if you dare right here), but peeing in the snow to ask for your lady's hand in marriage? That's a definite no!

5. On a fast food restaurant marquee. Even if you worked together or fell in love at a Wendy's, KFC, Burger King, etc., I wouldn't recommend popping the question via a fast food joint's signage. Would you want everyone in town learning about your engagement while hitting up the drive-through? Exactly.

Have any bad engagement stories up your sleeve?? Share them below!

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