5 Secrets to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

By admin, Published Oct 21, 2011


Planning a wedding isn’t easy. This doesn’t bode well for a lot of grooms who would surely rather be kicking back and watching college football than researching and planning a wedding. One of the largest time consumers on the groom’s side of wedding planning is the honeymoon. From finding a location to budgeting to planning activities, it can become quite tedious. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of five “no-brainers”– some basic thoughts to keep in mind while planning a honeymoon that can decrease stress… and increase your extra time to spend chillaxing in your man-cave.

1. Timing is everything If you’re planning a honeymoon to the Caribbean, keep the Atlantic hurricane season in mind. It runs from June 1st to November 30th and can obviously produce some very wet weather. We’re not telling you to change your location, just keep in mind that some indoor activities (or very wet outdoor ones) may be on tap for you. Of course, when we say indoor activities, you know what we mean (so it might not be all that bad).

2. Don’t rush yourselves A common misconception is that you must leave for the honeymoon the morning after the wedding. While many couples choose to do this, it’s definitely not a requirement. You’ll surely be exhausted after a long night of dining, dancing, and schmoozing at the wedding reception – why not give yourselves a few days to unwind and open gifts before leaving for the honeymoon. You’ll also be able to catch some better airfare for flights leaving on a Monday through Wednesday.

3. Don’t wait’ til the last minute Do yourself a favor and get the trip booked sooner rather than later. Doing this will save you some money on room prices and airfare. It will also free up time closer to the wedding to deal with more of the detail oriented material (like which beer to serve at the rehearsal dinner).

4. Don’t get ahead of yourself Remember to book all trip tickets with your wife’s maiden name. There is often a long gap in the time you file for a name change and when it’s officially accepted. We recommend that you wait to make the official change until after the honeymoon so you don’t get caught up in a license/passport fiasco.

5. Surprise her We know you grooms have gone all out in planning surprises and making everything special for your bride. We just have one more tip for you that will help start the honeymoon off on the right foot. Call ahead to wherever you’re staying and have some roses, chocolates, or even a new dress waiting in the room when you arrive. We’ve got a good idea how you’ll be thanked.

Are you now ready to plan the picture perfect honeymoon?

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